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Ace Answering Service | New Clients

Medical Community

Medical Community

Ace Answering Service meets all standards of HIPAA compliance. We adhere to HIPAA regulations and will work with your office to ensure you are 100% compliant in accordance with your standards.

Service Industry

Service Industries

83% of callers will hang up when confronted with an answering machine! For small organizations, Ace can be your 24 hour a day secretary. Don’t stay tied up on the phone when you should be working on projects that make you money and give your on call techs a break! Let our customer service reps screen calls and give your techs qualified calls that meet your emergency criteria..

Legal and Business people

Business and Legal

Let Ace screen and route your calls and give your staff the gift of more time and less interruption. Let our customer service reps help diminish the stress of a typical day