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Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Service

Ace Answering Service is ready to help your medical facility, practice or organization be more responsive to patient needs while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Medical Answering Service

The Ace Answering Service Team routinely handles calls for medical facilities, practices and organizations every day.  We’re not your typical medical answering service.  The Ace Answering Service call center utilizes state of the art software and hardware solutions which includes features designed specifically for the medical industry.  Our live-answer Customer Service Representatives undergo HIPAA compliance training and deliver the highest level of service in the medical answering service industry.

Appointment Scheduling

Would you like Ace Answering Service to schedule Appointments for you? No problem. Take advantage of our state of the art, HIPAA compliant appointment management tool! This interface allows real time access for our customer service representatives and your office staff, enabling simultaneous scheduling and up to date information 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Heighten your customer service, as well as free up time for your staff to work on other tasks – cut down on “no-shows” and give your patients the luxury of scheduling and rearranging appointments 24 hour a day, seven days a week with Ace Answering Service.

Secure Messaging HIPAA Compliant Mobile App

Ace Answering Service’s Secure Messaging App is a HIPAA compliant, encrypted and password Secure-Messaging_iOS7_Keyboardprotected messaging application.  This app allows your staff to receive secure messages from the call center, as well as send or forward messages between staff in a completely documented environment.  Full audit trails with time stamps, detailed documentation and reporting are provided.  The app is compatible with all android, Blackberry and iPhone devices.

The Ace Secure Messaging App will eliminate privacy concerns and improve communications between staff, saving you time and money.

Web Portal

The Ace Answering Service Client Web Portal allows you to log-in and manage your account.  Once logged into the secure Client Web Portal, available features include real-time on-call staff management where you can update or change the medical answering service on-call schedule as well as the ability to review all messages received, complete with action documentation.

A scheduled system upgrade in late April 2014 will add a hot-link to all messages listed, allowing you to listen to the actual call recording from which the associated message was generated.  This new feature will allow you instant access to the audio recording of any call received.