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Ace Answering Service | About Us


Founded in 1994, ACE opened its doors May 2 and hasn’t stopped since. All our staff are full time, and have years of experience. Our agents have made a career of meeting your needs and helping you with your telephone call flow. We customize every option to meet your specific business need. We expect and demand that our agents use not just experience, but that rare commodity, “common sense” to manage your account. Don’t be satisfied with less than excellence in your service – it is the after-hours face of your business. Let ACE Answering Service improve your customer service, reputation, and increase profits!

State of art technology

Our contact management center is a Windows-based, multichannel SQL platform that combines queuing and routing processes, scripting and dispatching, and real-time monitoring and reporting. Blending voice services, email, fax, and paging, we offer the comprehensive solution to support your business needs.
Supported by UPS and an on line gas generator, our systems are on all the time. Additionally we blend our staffing with remote customer service reps as well as in house reps. So no matter rain, snow, fog, flood, tornado, or other disasters, we are on line and ready to take care of your customers in the event of a disaster.

We care about our employees

We consider our staff the integral part of our business, no matter how state of the art our technical solutions are, it is our employees that make us stand out. All our staff are full time: our customer service representatives have made a career out of taking care of your business. We follow industry guidelines for call center excellence and our employees are monitored for excellence and rewarded monthly for meeting our stringent customer service standards.

So… what’s with the cows?

When the company owners started this business almost 20 years ago, they had been working in the answering service industry long enough to realize that a lot of services seem cold and clinical. We feel the cows relay our brand in a unique way. The picture honors our beginnings in the agricultural community of State College, Pennsylvania, and also provides a tongue-in-cheek way to let you know that truly, no matter where you are, Ace Answering Service is here to support your business and make sure you never miss a call.