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For two decades Ace Answering Service has consistently delivered quality service to the medical, service and business industries in our home town of State College, Pennsylvania, as well as nationally and internationally.

At Ace Answering Service, we are proud to say the majority of our clients have been with us over 10 years, with some having been with us since the doors opened and we flipped the “on” switch. The secret to our success is our Customer Service Representatives, with their long term experience and that rare commodity, “common sense”. Don’t believe we stand above the competition? Call us today and discover the Ace difference.

Medical Community Answering Service

Medical Community Answering Service

Ace Answering Service is your choice for up to date communications solutions which meet all standards of HIPAA compliance. In addition to the standard telephone answering service, Ace Answering can interface with your office’s appointment scheduling software to manage appointments, provide a encrypted secure messaging app allowing your staff to improve efficiencies and provides a Web Portal allowing your staff to manage the on-call schedule as well as other features.

Service Industry Answering Service

Service Industries Answering Service

83% of callers will hang up when confronted with an answering machine! For small organizations, Ace can be your 24 hour a day secretary. Don’t stay tied up on the phone when you should be working on projects that make you money and give your on call techs a break! Let our customer service reps screen calls and give your techs qualified calls that meet your emergency criteria.

Legal and Business Answering Service

Business and Legal Answering Service

Let Ace screen and route your calls and give your staff the gift of more time and less interruption. Let our customer service reps help diminish the stress of a typical day.